Visually Tracking Your Parent Training Sessions

parent training goals

In my last post, I challenged myself to improve parent training by writing SMART goals as a way to measure progress and hold myself accountable for teaching ABA concepts to parents. The benefits to applying ABA concepts to everyday life are endless and definitely save parents money in the long run.

As BCBAs, we are so busy constantly collecting, graphing, and analyzing data from the client that, at times, we forget to focus on the parent. Because of how therapy is structured, the daily focus is on the client, while parents are seen on an irregular basis. This makes it difficult to teach parents new skills or concepts because follow up is inconsistent and ABA training materials tend to be loaded with technical jargon.

A parent meeting goes by a lot faster than we expected, and what’s supposed to be a “parent training” session often becomes “let’s talk about the progress we’re making!” We print out recent graphs to show off (which is great because parents always want to know how their child is doing), but they go home with little information on how to make behavior changes in their own home. While the progress updates are nice, parent training ends up getting pushed back.

What if I told you there’s a way to increase productivity, teach parents ABA concepts, and track the parent’s progress with datasheets and visuals, while ALSO holding both the parent and BCBA accountable?

Take a look at this video


Want to learn more? Take a video tour of Roadmap to ABA Parent Training to look inside each component:

1. Parent Guide

2. SMART Goals

3. Parent Workbook

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