Graph Template


Graph Template


The ability to graph data is essential to making clinical decisions in the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA). I've learned having a template to enter data in an organized manner has helped increase my productivity and workflow. This template includes basic features of graphing ABA data:

  • Phase changes
  • Target lists
  • Targets introduced vs targets mastered
  • Conditional formatting for mastery criteria
  • Baseline data/graph
  • Problem behavior + intensity of behavior (partial interval)
  • Averages of recent problem behavior data (E.g. last 5 sessions)
  • Frequency data of language samples

Also included in the template:

  • Instructions to optimize viewing/use of template
  • Link to videos to guide you through the template and increase your workflow

This product is only for professionals with basic knowledge of MS Excel tables and graphs. Although there are instructions and videos to optimize your experience with this template, I do not offer technical support for this template.

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