Create Your Own Play Scripts in 5 Days

Free 5-Day email course

Toys pile up in your home because they don't come with instructions.

We assume play comes naturally when we bring home a new toy, but we don't always know what to say or do with it beyond the one thing it's made for. Starting out as an ABA therapist, I worked one-on-one with children with special needs, and teaching at the table came naturally to me; however, I was not comfortable playing with toys on the floor in a more impromptu setting. I was wrong to assume play would come naturally to kids, so we learned together. With a lot of practice and research into play, I created this email course. I just wish I'd had it back in 2006.

Free 5-Day Email Course

This 5-day email course will teach you strategies to generate play ideas to increase your child's language with any toy or activity. At the end of the course, you'll know how to utilize components of Verbal Behavior to create your own Play Scripts.

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The best part?

Not only will you learn to create your own Play Scripts using the formula I use, but you'll also get to share your Play Scripts with other families in the Playroom as a free resource. I encourage you to help me keep the Playroom full!


Why Create Play Scripts?

When you're able to plan ahead and not think twice about what to play or how to play or what to say, you're able to focus on your child. The ultimate goal is to increase communication through play. By focusing on your child, you'll be equipped to prompt when needed and find ways to show them how much fun they can be having with the toys in their own home.

What's Included?

5 days of actionable content sent straight to your inbox.

3 Play Script templates: full page, 4x6 index card, and half-page foldable.

A 12-page comprehensive workbook to guide you along with the emails.

Who is this email course for?

This course is for anyone who gets stuck when playing pretend with children. It focuses on communication and how to come up with ideas on what to say and do (hence the name, Play Scripts). When you are able to create a script beforehand, it takes away the pressure of not knowing what to do.

Parents & Caregivers

Maintain your role as a parent (instead of a teacher or therapist) when it comes to teaching. Play is a great opportunity to combine things your child is learning at home and at school. It'll also allow you to be fun and silly while teaching your child to communicate. 

As a caregiver, play will help you build a great relationship with the child. Through this course, you'll learn to teach how to play for fun, while also keeping a child engaged, so that playtime - and language learning - last even longer.

Teachers & Therapists

Teachers have a great advantage when it comes to play because of the amount of toys and opportunities to socialize groups of kids. As a teacher, you'll be able to tie in your lessons with play so that children are able to model how to play for each other.

The role that I relate to the most, and the reason why I created this course and the Playroom. Like teachers, therapists can tie the child's programs into play, allowing the child to generalize their skills from isolated picture cards and items to activity play sets, like a toy kitchen.