welcome to the playroom!

Find play scripts and ideas for building language with specific toys.


The problem with buying new toys is it's truly a guessing game (read more). 

The playroom is an interactive environment where families can come not just to learn, but also to share their own ideas how to use these toys. It may take some practice, but before long you’ll be able to use your toys to find all sorts of learning opportunities for your child. Add to the Playroom by downloading a blank template in greenbluegray or pink, and email your play ideas to!

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Pound and Roll Tower

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Shoutout to Kelsey @littleadventurefamily for sharing!

Cash Register

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Shoutout to Michelle Lepitre, MSE, BCBA for sharing!


Play-Doh Accessories

Hex Bugs


Kitchen Dish Set


Gearation Refrigerator Magnets

Shape Sorter Turtle

Sit and Sping

Toy Remote


Big Button Number Fun

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Shoutout to Kelsey @littleadventurefamily for sharing!



Cars & Vehicles

Animal Rescue Shape Sorting Truck

Drop & Giggle

Farm Chunky Puzzle

My First Work Station

Lacing Beads


Home Play Set

(mine is used and a bit outdated)

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Stacking Cups


Pom Poms

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Shoutout to Kelsey @littleadventurefamily for sharing!

Mr. Potato Head

Lego Duplo Big Farm

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Mega Bloks


Laundry Basket

Pounding Bench

Animal Bath Toys

Pop Up Toys

Laugh & Learn Puppy