• PEAK-Data is the digital alternative to paper data sheets

  • Using programs you are already familiar with: PDF and MS Excel

  • Program up to 10 programs per PEAK module

  • Save time with data entry using the graph template

  • PEAK-Data is cost efficient. No monthly subscriptions, just a one-time fee for your caseload

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The PDF will not feel 40-pages long with the navigation side-bar.

Table of Contents
Pre-fill your programs on the computer specific to the client's needs. This will auto-populate into its respective response sheets.

Response Sheets
The implementer will record data on a tablet with automated calculation fields for total score. Included is the ability to flag a program if interfering behaviors occur.

Simplify Data Entry
Transfer data from the PDF to the Excel spreadsheet with a simple copy/paste method. Graphs from each program are automated from a single sheet.

Take a quick look inside

Introducing PEAK-DATA using simples files to bring paper data sheets online. Included are a PDF and MS Excel templates to be use on computer and tablet devices. Save time using my method to copy/paste large sets of data rather than manually entering each item. [music:]


+ How are my files delivered?

Upon purchase, you will recieve an email with a 24-hour link to download a .zip file. Inside the zipped file, you'll have access to the PDF and MS Excel templates.

+ Is this compatible with all tablets?

I recommend the Adobe Reader app for iPad; however, the PDF will work for other third-party apps. The main features to look for in an app are the calculated Total Scores and if the app will flatten the file when saving.

The PDF is not optimized for Android, but will work on third-party apps. Unfortunately, the Adobe Reader app will not flatten files on Android. Apps we've had success with on Android are Xodo and FoxIt.

+ How does licensing work?

This product is a one-time fee licensed per one trainer with unlimited clients on their caseload.

+ Will I have tech support?

No, there are instructions in written and video formats on how to use the PDF and MS Excel files. You must have some experience with MS Excel to update graphs.

+ What is your return policy?

There are no refunds after purchase because of the nature of digital downloads. It is difficult to return a download once it's been emailed to you.

+ Is PEAK-DATA HIPAA Compliant?

PEAK-DATA only consists of PDF and MS Excel files. If you are using PHI (protected health information) and are bound by the HIPAA Privacy Rule, please look into cloud storage options that are HIPAA compliant. We do not provide legal advice in this area.


PEAK-Data has been a lifesaver. We live in rural Western Canada, while our BCBA lives in Florida, so sharing paper data is very time consuming for all parties. It has made sharing and graphing data a much easier, more efficient process, and the program was very easy to learn and navigate.

As a parent, I don’t always run all my programs during one “session,” so I enjoy how easy it is to use the side panel to get to the programs I need quickly as teaching opportunities arise. And because graphing in Excel is certainly not my strong suit, I was thrilled to find the aesthetically pleasing and functional graph templates that came with the program.

I am an Android user, and while it took some time to find an app that worked with the program, I eventually found one that worked perfectly, and the time put in has been well worth it!
— Kelsey General
PEAK-DATA has made the process of collecting and analyzing our data from the PEAK curriculum extremely easy and efficient. PEAK-DATA aligns perfectly with the PEAK curriculum’s unique scoring system, eliminating the need to employ work-arounds or alternative scoring that might be required with other electronic data collection systems.

Exporting data is a hassle-free process and the graphs generated are clear and easy-to-read.

Christina provides excellent user support by providing how-to videos demonstrating each component step-by-step and by responding via email with answers to specific questions.

Staff productivity related to data collection and interpretation has improved dramatically since launching PEAK-DATA within our organization, allowing an increased focus on quality programming. We couldn’t be happier!
— Sarah Murphy, M.Ed., BCBA

PEAK-Data is an alternative way to collect data while using the PEAK Relational Training curriculum. The response sheets are unique to PEAK and are designed to be used on any tablet as a PDF file. Along with collecting data on a tablet, you’ll also have access to an Excel file to export your data using a simple copy/paste method.

Included in this download:

2 PEAK-Data files (.pdf)
1 PEAK Graph Template (.xlsx)
1 PEAK Demo (.xlsx) - example data
1 Instructional Guide (.pdf) - and video links
1 License per Trainer (.pdf)

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Hi, I'm Christina!


After taking the PEAK Training last October with Dr. Megan Miller, I was eager and excited to implement Dr. Dixon's PEAK Relational Training System. Although I love paper data sheets, I was curious to how I could streamline the data collection and graphing process. After many trials and errors with different processes, I developed a unique solution using simple files (a PDF and MS Excel) to digitize customized paper data sheets. Now, I can finally share this method with fellow colleagues using PEAK's curriculum.

With PEAK-DATA, I literally went from 45-90 minutes of manual data entry to under 15 minutes for a week's worth of data. The copy/paste method alone takes less than 5 minutes, and the additional time is used to modify the MS Excel sheet to add dates, expand data sets for graphing, and add programs. From there, I'm able to use the time I saved to analyze data and make individualized decisions for each client.