Graph Template Videos

Graph Template tour

Tabs (Excel Sheets)

  • Instructions

  • Templates (colored tabs)

  • Example data

  • Sessions

REport Template tour

Slides (Letter-Size Pages)

  • 5 Layouts

  • Linking Graphs from Excel

  • Hiding Pages

  • Export to PDF or Print

How to copy your templates

Right-click desired tab // Move or Copy // check "Create a copy"

To do list:

  • Rename tab (sheet)

  • Label title of graph with your program

  • Add data

  • Don't forget your Target List is a TABLE

Adjusting Dates on your graph

Learn format the horizontal axis to fit your date range.

Selecting data series to format on your graph

Learn how to select a specific data series on your graph. This feature is helpful when it's tough to directly click a series on your graph.

Entering ongoing data

Learn how to extend data on your graph while also entering ongoing data.

conditional formatting

Learn how to change color of cells based on criteria (e.g. mastery criteria, red flags).

Phase change lines (using error bars)

Use Error Bars to create phase change lines.

Check out McGinnis Dean Press for the original YouTube video!

In the video I reference Deochand (2017) to add in the Error Bars between dates.

Data Labels

Learn how to add data labels to your bar graph.