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Fidelity PDF tour

5 Categories

  • Data Collection IOA

  • SOAP Notes

  • Communication

  • Program Fidelity

  • Behavior Plan


  • No-Spaces-For-Assistant-Name

  • Type in BX criteria on the desktop before using on the iPad

Clear Button

Clear your template using the the “C” button on the upper right, page 1

  • Do not use this button on iPad

  • Convenient when changing out information on your desktop

How to Flatten Fidelity PDF

Adobe Reader App on iPad only (does not flatten on Android)

  • older version: export // “Share Flattened Copy”

  • newer version: go to preferences and toggle “Share a Flattened Copy” on

HOw to copy/paste data into excel

Your PDF must be “flattened” in order to highlight and copy the data.

  • paste data into the log sheet

  • use text-to-columns (watch video)

  • create tabs for each therapist/assistant

using “text to columns”

Learn how to select a specific data series on your graph. This feature is helpful when it's tough to directly click a series on your graph.

How to copy your templates

Learn how to extend data on your graph while also entering ongoing data.