Fidelity Checklist Videos

Fidelity PDF tour

5 Categories

  • Data Collection IOA

  • SOAP Notes

  • Communication

  • Program Fidelity

  • Behavior Plan


  • No-Spaces-For-Assistant-Name

  • Type in BX criteria on the desktop before using on the iPad

Clear Button

Clear your template using the the “C” button on the upper right, page 1

  • Do not use this button on iPad

  • Convenient when changing out information on your desktop

How to Flatten Fidelity PDF

Right-click desired tab // Move or Copy // check "Create a copy"

To do list:

  • Rename tab (sheet)

  • Label title of graph with your program

  • Add data

  • Don't forget your Target List is a TABLE

HOw to copy/paste data into excel

Learn format the horizontal axis to fit your date range.

using “text to columns”

Learn how to select a specific data series on your graph. This feature is helpful when it's tough to directly click a series on your graph.

How to copy your templates

Learn how to extend data on your graph while also entering ongoing data.

How I organize my PDF files for Sessions

Use Error Bars to create phase change lines.

Check out McGinnis Dean Press for the original YouTube video!

In the video I reference Deochand (2017) to add in the Error Bars between dates.