Fidelity Checklist

For Professionals: Fidelity Checklist

See Terms & Conditions for the Fidelity Checklist Template.
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Easy-to-use templates to provide staff feedback (.pdf) and graph their progress (.xlsx). This 2-page PDF is ready for you to customize and use while monitoring and observing staff. It covers 5 different areas:

  1. Data Collection IOA

  2. Note Taking

  3. Communication

  4. Program Fidelity

  5. Behavior Plan Fidelity

This digital product can be downloaded today and includes:

  • 2-Page Fidelity Checklist (.pdf)

    • Fillable Forms with Calculations

    • iPad Accessibility*

  • Graphing Template (.xslx)

    • Copy/Paste Data into 1 Sheet

    • Ready-Made Dashboard Template for Each Staff Member

    • Automated Formulas + Calculations for the Full Year

  • Video Tutorials

    • Tour of the PDF

    • How to Collect, Transfer, and Graph Data

*User-friendly with iOS (e.g. iPad), but can be done with third-party apps on Android or used with a laptop. If you have questions about using Android or laptops, please email me. I’d be happy to work with you to find a suitable solution.

This product is only for professionals with basic knowledge of MS Excel tables and graphs. Although there are instructions and videos to optimize your experience with this template, I do not offer technical support for this template.

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