An Interview Style Case Study: Parent Training

Parent Training Case Study

As you all know, I’m very passionate about parent training. When I first started Paradigm Behavior last year, my goal was to improve parent training for both parents and therapists, providing products that could help families with special needs improve their quality of life.

Because of that, I’m always looking for feedback on my Roadmap. Feedback gives me an opportunity to figure out what’s working—and what’s not—and how I can improve them in the future.

A couple of weeks ago, I reached out to Michelle, one of my most loyal followers, to ask her about her experiences using the Roadmap, and she was kind enough to answer a few questions about the product.

A little about Michelle: Michelle is a consultant for the Arkansas Autism Waiver Program, who runs a team that works one-on-one in the home of children with Autism.  Her Lead Therapist has a master’s in special education and is in the home 2-6 hours a week, while two Line Therapists do about 20 hours a week of ABA therapy.  Michelle provides the training, ITP, BSP, materials, and ongoing supervision for the team and the family. Her Lead Therapist also performs some of the parent training sessions using the Parent Guides.  

What did parent training look like before purchasing the Roadmap?

Initially, parents were trained with the staff on the first session in the home, then given brief follow-ups and demonstrations on how to do manding with their child on an as needed basis.

What were your goals before you got started with the Roadmap?

The parent goal that I had written was for the parent to get their child to mand (prompted or not) at least 300 times a week. Then I increased the manding goal to 1,200 times per week. I increased the goal because the parents were meeting the first goal but the child’s progress was really slow.  I talked to the parents about the importance of getting their child as much practice with manding as possible to increase his language, but I don’t feel I ever got their “buy in.”

How soon were you able to use the material with parents?

As soon as I was able to print all the materials and schedule a time with the parents, which was about a week.

What were the concrete results you achieved from using the Roadmap?

Thus far, the parents have not completed the first Roadmap (purchased in July), but there have been some family issues in the home.  I have used the tracker, though, and they are making visual progress in their skills.  I am continuing to use the Roadmap and plan on finishing the entire set before the child transitions out of the program in March of 2018.

Were you able to expand training and write your own SMART goals?

No we have not gotten that far yet but I do plan on doing so soon.

What was your biggest takeaway?

I really like how it is broken down into small and manageable steps.  And I like that there is a schedule with it so that the parents know it is an ongoing thing!  It makes me more accountable, too.

What does parent training look like now because of the Roadmap?

Parent training is much more formal and regular.  I think it has emphasized the importance that is and should be placed on parent training. Before, it was more of an afterthought to the parent and myself.  The Roadmap also takes some of the pressure off me since I can say we are following a training program rather than me just telling the parents what to do.   

Is there anything you’d like to see added the Roadmap?

I think it would be awesome if you could do a roadmap for count & mand, or accepting no, or using a promise!

Since I launched the Roadmap to ABA Parent Training in April, I’ve been excited (and nervous) to hear your feedback. The Roadmap comes in 4 parts: the Parent Guide, Parent Goals, Parent Workbook, and Progress Tracker, and helps trainers and parents work together through simple SMART goals. I use the Roadmap in my own sessions, and I’m so happy to hear trainers like Michelle find it simple to use. However, there’s always room for improvement.

In May, I got the courage to introduce myself to Adrienne Fitzer, who wrote this blog post that inspired me to write SMART goals based on my Parent Guide, which quickly turned into the Roadmap to ABA Parent Training. What I respected about Adrienne was how she was direct and honest while also being supportive. She’s been gracious enough to offer her time the past few months to improve the Parent Guides and make them more effective.

We’ve added upgrades to the Parent Guides like Call Outs and SMART Goal icons to increase the interactions between the trainer and parent, and simplified the language even further.

Roadmap to ABA New Features.jpg

To ensure we provide the highest quality product possible, we will be releasing the Roadmap updates as a series starting with What is ABA? by the end of the week. To learn more about the Roadmap, click here.

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