Recap of 2016: What I've Learned and Moving Forward

Recap of 2016: What I've Learned and Moving Forward

To be honest, I had no idea what to expect when I started Paradigm Behavior. This year has gone by so quickly, but I wanted to take some time to show some appreciation for the small things that helped me grow. In this post, I’ve reflected on how my business has grown and changed within its first year.

But first, a backstory:

I quit my full-time job in 2015 because I felt I could no longer make an impact at the company I worked for. I did not plan on quitting (especially being a first time mom), but I did. My passion has always been parent education because there’s a gap between a child having behavioral services and applying the same concepts to the home. ABA is a science, but it can also be taught at home. So, I decided to create.

My year in 2016


  • Drafted my first Parent Guide: Mand Training. I still have my journal full of chicken scratch figuring out how to layout the information so that it was parent friendly. Each booklet is focused on a main topic so parents are not overwhelmed by the content and can apply the concepts immediately. My main goal was to create affordable products and provide a solid foundation of behavior concepts to last a lifetime. I was able to drastically cut down costs by creating a digital product (pdf) that is emailed to parents and parents are able to choose topics they need.


  • I enlisted help with creating a brand and moved forward with a website! After elements of my brand were created, my Parent Guide was finalized and ready to go. I began writing my second Parent Guide, Prompts.


  • Attended a boot camp to learn more about business. I learned a lot about my purpose for Paradigm. My focus is to fill the gap (mentioned above) through parent education and creating information that is effective and easy to read. I continued to write content for Prompts.


  • Paradigm website went live! I was too shy to share and talk about the website, but at least it was live :)
  • Started drafting my third Parent Guide: What is ABA? I decided since this guide would serve as the foundation to all behavior concepts, I would make it free. It also lays out the structure of the other Parent Guides.


  • My daughter turned 1! I enjoyed all things DIY that came with her birthday. She loved her birthday cake!
  • Prompt Parent Guide complete! This was when I began writing blog posts about clarifying common terms used in ABA. I also worked on the logistics of Paradigm such as forms, blogging, email, and social media.


  • I scheduled out my first set of blog posts and said hello to everyone on social media. I had never posted so much in my life. I was a bit nervous at first, but it’s been so exciting to connect with people outside of my local community who share the same interests. I’m happy to be a part of the online space to educate and learn from parents, teachers, and fellow colleagues.
  • What is ABA? Parent Guide complete and had my first guest post from a parent!


  • Focused on blogging and continued to add useful forms and worksheets to the Resource Library.


  • I had my second guest post from Natasha Barber, who is very knowledgeable about safety awareness and provides really great preventative tips.
  • My first giveaway called “Pay It Forward”! I had the opportunity to receive feedback from parents and professionals what they wanted from Paradigm Behavior. It's very important for me to provide real content that matters. This was first time I had my books published and I gave them (all) away. Recipients “paid it forward” by giving a Parent Guide to someone who they thought could use it. 


  • Gave some love to my Playroom and added more toys and free play scripts to download.


  • My article on play got featured in Mama’s Black Book, a magazine for moms, by moms.
  • Advertised my first sale during Black Friday/Shop Small Businesses Weekend.


  • Offered another giveaway last week and shipped all my Christmas cards.
  • Began plans for 2017 and hung out with family.

Top 3 blog posts for 2016

Since starting my blog is July, here at my top 3 posts according to google analytics!


What’s next for Paradigm Behavior?

I’ve learned so much about creating content and products that you feel confident to use at home. I’m constantly doodling in my journal every day to do more in 2017. Here are some things on my agenda:

  • Parent Guide: Functions of Behavior
  • Written goals for parents that are realistic and easy to check off. Goals will be attached to the parent guides and can be used for insurance purposes as well.
  • Mini online workshops that touch on topics you see in the Parent Guides and blog (I’m still working on the logistics on this one!).

So, that's a wrap! Enjoy the holidays and happy New Year!